31st March 2022

Tyre Glider - the new way to remove and re-fit tyres

We are now stockists of Tyre Glider - the new hand tool that makes tyre removal and refitting easy! Made from recycled plastic, the design guarantees no pinching of the inner tube, which can be frustrating!


Lightweight and easy to carry with you, Tyre Glider is a must for all cyclists. 


We have plenty in stock - come and pick one up!


In store price: £9.99


Online price: £14.99 (£5.00 P&P)


Watch how to do it on YouTube: 

 Normal tyres - 

 Tight fitting tyres:



21st October 2021

What happens in 1 hour of cycling?

First 10 minutes: 

In the first few minutes you are riding your bike, you feel a sense of freedom. You can’t help but smile from ear to ear as you pedal faster. 


20 Minutes into your ride:

Your body releases cortisol, the stress hormone that can prevent you from sleeping. When you’re cycling along, nothing else around you matters. 


40 Minutes:

The blood flow and oxygen to the brain is increasing, but keep smiling. If you’re riding five days a week for this long, you’re less likely to take half as many sick days. 


45 Minutes: 

Serotonin and endorphins are released into your blood stream, improving your mood. Smile and wave at fellow cyclists and passers-by. You’re having the time of your life. With every mile you tick off, you’re reducing the risk of heart disease to less than half of those who don’t do any exercise. 


60 Minutes: 

Your mind pauses for a moment - Do you continue your ride, taking your enjoyment level further? Or do you keep some for another day? Either way, you’ve had a good one. 


As the rave inside you keeps on partying, it may be time for some food or drink. A country pub or a quick energy bar, both are acceptable - the choice is yours. 

5th August 2021

Can riding an electric bike get you fit?

Electric bikes have so much to offer, it is a fantastic and green way of travelling, and it gives people another chance at cycling. But…. With the electrics giving you the extra assistance, can you get fit whilst riding an eBike?


Electric bikes are often criticised and seen as ‘cheating’, however, riding an eBike does improve your fitness. The electric gives you options, you can push as hard as you can, and the electric is there for added assistance if needed. 


Researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah have proved that the heart rate of experienced mountain bikers riding an electric bike hit 94% of the average heart rate they’d achieved on a conventional mountain bike, on the same six mile loop, with 700 feet of climbing. Their research proves that you can still put the hard work in whilst riding an eBike and concluded to be a great form of aerobics or cardiovascular exercise, even for experienced cyclists. 

23rd April 2021

Dragon Cycles supplies new eBikes to Llys-Y-Fran Country Park

During it’s closure due to Covid, Llys-Y-Fran Country Park has had a major £4m redevelopment, and is due to re-open this Spring. 


Llys-Y-Fran is a special place located in Pembrokeshire. The reservoir opened in 1972 to supply fresh water to Pembrokeshire, and the dam was constructed between 1968 and 1972. The reservoir covers approximately 212 acres and is surrounded by the grass and woodland of the country park of 350 acres, including the area of the reservoir. 


In 2017, Welsh Water, who manage Llys-Y-Fran reservoir, announced a £4m investment to enhance the parks facilities, to be completed in 2019. However, the project was put on hold in 2019 when the construction company went into administration. A new construction company was appointed and work was to be completed in 2020, but this was also put on hold due to Covid, and the park remained shut. 


Now, 4 years after Welsh Water’s announcement, the park is finally due to open this Spring (Subject to Covid regulations), and it has something for everyone!

The 350 acres of grassland and woodland are perfect for walking and cycling, the reservoir is an important fishery in South West Wales, it has and continues to host national fishing competitions. Fishing with fly or bait, from land or boat, is possible. Sailing, rowing, canoeing and windsurfing all take place on the reservoir, with equipment available to hire. Also, the Llys-Y-Fran annual Hillclimb event, run by Swansea Motor Club for the petrol heads! 


Fancy a ride on the bike at Llys-Y-Fran? But you can’t get your bike down there? There are ebikes available for hire, but not just any ebikes....

Get yourself down there for a fantastic day out 😁

You can hire Hikobike Ranglers at Llys-Y-Fran Country Park

23rd February 2021

Dragon Cycles is helping cycling go Green!

We all enjoy cycling, it’s a fantastic way of travelling - good for the mind, body and the environment too! However, did you know that more than 44,000 tonnes of old tyres and inner tubes go to landfill in the UK, each year. 


To do “our bit” to reduce waste going to landfill, we have become an authorised Velorim Recycling centre! ♻️ 


Instead of throwing your old tyres and tubes in the bin, Drop them in to us, and for just 50p per tyre and 20p per tube, we will recycle the old ecologically, and even supply you with new if you need them! 


Help us in our efforts to go Green.....remember, there is no Planet B.


5th February 2021

Ride like your wellness depends on it... 

Riding regularly on an e-bike or conventional bike and ‘getting out there’ has been a source of respite for many during these troubling times.


UK Government statistics indicate that cycling to work has increased by an incredible 300% over recent months and as many who cycle to work have found, it means less or even no time stuck in traffic jams – and also riders are getting exercise!


Cycling could not only be the easiest and quickest way to commute, but it is also much better for the environment and your wellbeing – 82% of those who cycle to work say they are less stressed in the office when they cycle to work and 48% reported feeling happier and more confident after cycling to work.

Cycling not only has a positive impact on wellbeing, but also on the environment, and of course daily living costs, with a reduction in parking fees, fuel and road maintenance. 


Did you know?...

 20 bicycles can be parked in the same space as one car!

It takes around 5% of the materials and energy used to make a car to build a bike, and a bike produces zero pollution. Not only this, but bikes are very efficient -you travel around three times as fast as walking for the same amount of energy. Taking into account the fuel you put into your car, you do the equivalent of 2,924 miles to the gallon!


Alongside mental wellness and the benefits to the environment, there is, of course, the benefit to widespread physical fitness. In fact, according to research from the University of North Carolina, people who cycle for 30 minutes, five days a week, take about half as many sick days as those who don’t - who are sometimes referred to as ‘couch potatoes’ – not by us though!


If you are looking to upgrade your bike or buy an eBike for the first time, there is of course a huge choice and we can assist you with the selection of the most appropriate eBike.


In 2021, it is expected that we will see more and more people cycling – and improving their mind, body and soul!

11th January 2021

Dragon Cycles announce partnership with Unicam Limited.

Having problems with standard bicycle pedals/crank arm length? We may have a solution!


We are aware that many people have experienced problems with cycling, perhaps as a result of a disability or an injury. 

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Unicam Ltd, to help people restore joint function and maximise their potential to enjoy the benefits of cycling. We can now offer cycling innovations for recreation, sport and rehabilitation purposes, including the Unicam Retroflex Comfort Crank - the new way to cycle in comfort and safety. 

With the Retroflex Comfort Crank, you don’t have to put up with excessive knee bend due to a low saddle. You are able to exercise pain free, whilst improving joint mobility and strength. This is suitable for all ages and abilities and will fit any bike, including eBikes! 


More information on Unicam’s Retroflex Comfort Crank will be live on our website soon. 














“Why risk a fall with your seat up tall, when you can pedal like a pro with your seat down low.”


22nd December 2020

Treat your bike this Christmas!

When you think about looking after your bike, it’s easy to think the best thing to do is to buy new cleaning products. However, this isn’t always the case, although buying new kit is great and extremely fun, the number one thing when it comes to bike is good, consistent maintenance. 


Look after your bike and it will look after you!

With good care and attention, bikes can go for years! 


This Christmas, why not treat your bike to a service? Spare some time to take a look at things that  you may have neglected, and come and join us in doing ‘Couch to 50k’ in January - more details will follow. 


New Chain and Cassette

We all like to make the most out of our chains, and probably don’t get them checked as much as we should! I think we are all guilty! 


Changing the chain will benefit the rest of the drive train. As a chain ages, it stretches, meaning it won’t sit perfectly around the cassette cogs and chainrings whilst you’re pedalling, which will wear them down too. Leaving your chain on your bike for that bit too long, might just cost you more than a new chain. 

A Proper Clean

Giving your bike a quick rinse when it’s muddy doesn’t count, sorry! Winter time is the best time to treat your bike to a full once-over. 


It wouldn’t hurt to check that bottom bracket, as well as the headset and hub bearings. Bearings are easy to check because you can tell when they’re not running as smoothly as they should. Something else to consider is removing the chain and letting it bath, check the rear mech jockey wheels, checking pedals and their bearings. 


Basically all that stuff you know needs doing, but can’t be bothered to. That’s what we are here for!😉 Get in touch and we can do this for you, it’s Christmas.. Show your bike some love. 



Check your tyres and inner tubes aren’t punctured before riding! If you are low on stock for your inner tubes, check our Black Friday deals on inner tubes before midnight tonight. 


New Grips/Bar Tape

Contact points are a bike take quite the beating, bar tape in particular can get gross pretty quickly. Changing your grips or tape can be a great way to lease some life into your bike, and make it a nicer, more comfortable experience for yourself too. 


With bar tape especially, it can get sweaty under there. We recommend to replace it every so often and give the bars a wipe down, it’s a good habit to get in to. 

1st December 2020


As we now enter the festive period, we have been coping well with the increase in demand for new and used eBikes, despite a UK-wide shortage of stock. Our workshop has been busy with all types of Bikes/eBikes, eScooters* and even eSkateboards in recently for a variety of work.


We have recently had ROK e-mountain bikes come back into stock and we expect the full Hikobike range to be available from w/c 6th December – the ship is on the high seas and is expected to dock shortly.


Christmas Orders

We have taken a number of orders for eBikes and every bike we sell in December will be come with our very own Christmas present!

It looks like Christmas Eve will be a busy day delivery day!



We are now able to offer finance via Klarna – please contact us for details.


* E-Scooters and the law

For those who may consider the purchase of an eScooter (not from us!) – it is worth noting that privately owned eScooters remain illegal in public places and on the road in the UK. Legislation was amended in July 2020 to allow for rental e-scooter trials in certain towns/cities, but this is not currently planned in south Wales/West Country. 

Many customers buying eScooters may not be aware that their use on our roads/pavements are illegal – we have seen many in use, as we’re sure you have, but the riders are risking criminal prosecution; points on their licence, fines for no insurance, and also seizure of their eScooter!

13th November 2020

Which UK City has the most sustainable transport system?

The biggest source of noise and air pollution in the UK comes from transport. In 2018, road transport alone made up approximately 33% of the UK’s CO2 emissions. The UK now faces a challenge of reducing emissions to zero by 2050.


A price comparison service, Uswitch Ltd, has created a ‘UK Sustainable Mobility Index’ for the most pioneering city for transportation, based on 6 sustainable credentials. 


London is at the top, scoring 55 out of 60 as the most sustainable city for transport. By 2041, London’s Mayor aims for 80% of trips to be made by foot, public transport or cycling. At the moment, there are currently over 2,600 diesel-electric hybrids buses which are more fuel efficient and cleaner. This has helped to reduce emissions by 30-40%. 













Picture: Micromobilitybiz

Liverpool is in second place, with a score of 43.5 out of 60. To try and decrease energy consumption and it’s carbon footprint, the city’s buses are a fleet of next-generation emission standard buses. These buses have lower levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. 


As for Cardiff, we’ve landed 9th place out of 10 with a score of 29 out of 60. Whereas Cardiff has made significant improvements in the city’s transportation system, with full example, new cycling lanes being constructed. However, it seems there is a lot more work to be done to turn that score around. 

2nd October 2020

An eBike changed my life..


For some, cycling is just a hobby. For others, the power from an eBike has transformed their lives. Enabling them to cycle when they couldn’t, improve their mental health and form new career paths. 


 It gave me a second chance. 


Tim Gregory was diagnosed with Idiopathic lung disease, which caused him to give up cycling. As a teenager, Tim became the founder of The Norwich Flyers BMX Club. Tim and his friends would go to the BMX track at Sloughbottom Park, using his project he described as his “baby”. 


10 years ago, Tim started to suffer from a lung condition. The Doctors told him he would have just two years to live. He began using an oxygen tank to assist his breathing and manage the disease. Approximately 75% of his lung surface became scarred from fibrosis. For Tim, who began cycling at the age of 13, had to give up due to struggling to breath. 


“If you could imagine riding your bike with a tennis ball in your mouth and how that would affect your breathing then you’re getting there.”
















At 41, Tim had packed in cycling. He spent less time with his friends and because of this his mental health crumbled.


After 10 years, a friend of Tim’s had suggested an eBike for him. At first Tim was not keen on the idea, but now admits it has changed his life. 


Since riding an eBike for the first time, riding with his friends again, Tim bought an eBike and was able to ride once again. He’s now switched careers to selling eBikes to help people who are in similar situations.


Tim’s achievement is huge. We wish him the very best for the future 🚲